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Interview Marek Tousek

Interview Nicolas Falquet (Pro Rider depuis 1999)

I have been wearing a Snowpulse bag for 3 years. The position of the airbag has obvious advantages in terms of floatability and protection and yet enough visibility is maintained once inflated. I got caught in an avalanche last year, and fortunately, I set my Snowpulse Airbag off. Since then I wear it every riding day. Light enough and very comfortable, it is an essential safety tool.

Interview Matt Peter - ACMG Guide

In the spring of 2009 I was caught in a small but serious avalanche while working as a heli-skiing guide. I was traversing above a slope that I was unwilling to ski when the avalanche occurred, pulling me into the steeper treed terrain below. I inflated my Snowpulse backpack immediately after I saw the crown open above me, and I was pulled in to the trees immediately after inflation. Within moment, I was knocked unconscious. The avalanche pulled me down through the trees and over a small cliff. I suffered multiple torn ligaments in my knee, a cracked femur, broken humerus, broken teeth, a basal skull fracture and major scalp lacerations. All the medical professionals agree that although I was seriously injured, I would have been killed without the protection that the Snowpulse backpack offered to my chest and neck. I am fortunate to be able to continue my guiding career, and this fortune goes out to the designers of the Snowpulse backpack. I am thankful that I was wearing a Snowpulse backpack on that day, and continue to wear one every day I ski.


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Follow-up inspections have shown there is an assembly problem affecting individual Mammut/Snowpulse avalanche airbags  …

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