Travelling: Backpack and Cartridge

The cartridges, when filled, come under the rules governing the transport of non-toxic non-flammable gases on land and in the air. The rules differentiate between the 300 bar und 207 bar cartridges. Please note those that apply to your type of cartridge. When transporting the airbag system, the cartridge must be kept separate to avoid any inadvertant triggering. Always store and carry the cartridge in its original packaging and with the protective cap screwed firmly in place.

Travelling: Cartridge in the Plane

Under its hazardous materials regulations (table 2.3A), the IATA (International Air Transport Association) allows passengers to travel with no more than one filled 300 bar cartridge in their hand or stowed luggage, provided the carrier is informed of the fact.

Document IATA

Data Sheet SNOWPULSE Cylinders for Avalanche Airbag Systems

207 Bar Cartridge (Cartridge Refillable 207 Bar Alu)

The IATA (International Air Transport Association) prohibits the carriage of the 207 bar cartridge. The only territory where it is allowed is Canada (domestic flights).


Despite its approval by the IATA, individual carriers may refuse to carry a 300 bar cartridge. We therefore advise users intending to travel with their avalanche backpack to contact their carrier no less than two weeks before departure. If possible, users should clarify the situation prior to booking their flights. It is also a good idea to print out the relevant IATA table and the data sheet relating to your cartridge to show any sceptical check-in staff..

Document IATA

Data Sheet SNOWPULSE Cylinders for Avalanche Airbag Systems

Is the carriage of a filled cartridge… Cartridge Non-Refillable 300 Bar Steel Cartridge Refillable 207 Bar Alu
…allowed on flights according to the IATA’s regulations? YES NO
…allowed on flights to the USA/Canada? YES NO
…allowed on domestic flights within Canada? YES YES

Shipping of cartridges by post/courier

You must inform the postal/shipping company of the presence of a filled cartridge in the consignment. The information required by the shipper may be found on your cartridge’s data sheet.